How to configure all heading styles to inherit from Heading 1

I use Libreoffice Writer Version: on Linux. There are Heading styles preformatted and I want to configure all Heading styles inherit from Heading 1’s attributes, Is it possible? Otherwise I have to manually modify all headings for their font size, alignment settings etc…

Go to menu Format > Styles and formatting or F11. Ensure you are on the paragraph tab (first icon at left in the tool bar). Right click on Heading 2 and choose “Modify”. In the “Organizer” tab, you find a menu labelled “Linked with”. Select in the drop-down menu Heading 1. Click Apply.

Now Heading 2 is related to Heading 1 and all changes in Heading 1 not overridden will be automatically transferred to Heading 2.

The best way to make sure Heading 2 is set to your needs is to reset it to Heading 1 first by clicking on Standard to reset it to Heading 1 definition. Then in the various tabs, set the differences to your liking. These differences won’t be updated when you change the corresponding setting in Heading 1.

Do the same for other Heading x. You have then two options:

  1. All Heading x are linked to Heading 1 and the differences can be set independently from each other;
  2. Heading 3 is linked to Heading 2, Heading 4 to Heading 3, etc. and you build a hierarchy of styles with intermediate differences propagating down the hierarchy.

The choice is yours and depend on your workflow.

There is also a HEADING style which Heading 1 and all the other headings are linked to. If it is just the font, alignment etc. you could have the option of just modifying the one style, unless you have an overriding need to start with Heading 1, and gradually cascade the headings down.