How to Connect to Remote Templates on a Local Network?

I am working for a small government agency where we use a local network. For our LibreOffice Writer (LO-W) documents, I am looking for a way to use .ott templates that would be located on the server. This way, if we want to correct some elements of a template, it would be done in a centralized way.

I order to try this, I set up a WAMP local server (http://localhost:80) on my laptop (Windows 7). I use LO-W version

I believe one way of achieving this would be to fetch the templates (.ott) on the server using the “Open Remote” wizard. However, I am unable to establish any connection using the official documentation.

My templates are stored in http://localhost:80/templateserver/templates/ :

image description

No file is displayed when I use the following connection parameters:
image description

image description

QUESTION: How am I supposed to configure the “Remote File” wizard when working on a local network?
(Also, if there is any other way to use remote templates, please let me know)

I just map the drive on my local Windows machine, say H for home. I then add the path for the template folder in LibreOffice. Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths > Templates, click Edit. In the new dialog click Add, navigate to the network Templates folder and press the button Select Folder. I then get the option to choose which path is the default for new templates. OK out. For linux it is quite similar

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Configure a file server on the remote using Samba or SMB protocol.

Create a mount point (network disk) on every workstation to connect to the “template” directory on the server.

Modify LO configuration on every workstation in Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths to add the path the mount point or server directory for category Templates.

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Thanks for your proposal! I think it would actually do the job. In order to allow my IT folks to modify this path for >500 computers, do you know in file LO file this path is stored?

It is likely in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu (Fedora Linux name, adapt to your OS).

I have never tried to change this file directly. The method could be to configure LO on a “representative” computer A and to copy the file on computer B. But this will also erase the existing preferences on computer B. Experiment.

Thank you! I tried your approach on my laptop, and it looks like the right solution. I combined it with the “Template Changer” extension to allow easy selection of templates. I hope I will not have bad surprises when I will try to implement it for real.