How to contribute to a dictionary?

Hey folks!

Having a daily usage of LO writer I notice that some words are missing in the French dictionary. Therefore I have 2 questions:

  • How can I contribute to enhance the french dictionnary ?
  • I work mostly in the legal area, so I wonder if it possible to enhance something like a special legal dictionnary which could be downloaded by users (as a user I don’t think I was ever proposed to download a special language pack though).


As I understand, the French dictionary development including submission of new words is here:

As for creating a new dictionary, you need to learn to create dictionary extensions.

Perfect, thanks!

Spell check the document. When you get to a word not included click Options. Click New and create a dictionary called MyFrench.

Now when you spellcheck and come to an unlisted French word, click Add …, and select MyFrench.

You can edit it at C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\wordbook\MyFrench.dic - use Notepad. Editing the file like this is not supported, but works, so if you do edit it (I do to remove words added by mistake) be sure to keep to the file conventions - eg in aphabetical order.

Send MyFrench.dic to your colleagues.

Enhancing the downloaded French dictionary is best done by sending a list of suggested words to the author. If you edit the file (you can do so but you need to understand the coding for roots and optional endings) your edits will get lost when the dictionary is next updated. Be aware that the headers in a normal dictionary include a count of the lines in the file - if you add or remove words you must change the header as well.

is best done by sending a list of suggested words to the author.

You are wrong. They have an online submission feature.

Thank you for your correction. I was more concerned with the process (contact the author) than the pedantic detail (how you contact the author).

You advise would be correct for most cases and should be followed, of course (look into the release details and send an inquiry to the email[s] indicated therein). However, not for this particular case as they seem to be a team with a developed infrastructure rather than just one author.