How to control if image in BASE form is grayscale or color

When I use a table to create a form, I get a result which is sorted according to order of original entry but images for each record are in color. To sort the form, I have to manually sort using the sort icon from the form navigation toolbar.

When I use a query, I can get it to sort as I want but the created form gives grayscale images in the records.

How do I produce a form where the images for each record are in color and the records are sorted the way I want before I open the form?
I am using Base 5.1 on a Windows 10 machine


I am not sure about your comments regarding grayscale images. Nothing I try duplicates this. Also, your main question states report yet you actual description seems to be talking of form.

Data displayed on the form can be sequenced for display using the properties of the internal form. The sort sequence is on the Data tab of the form properties. Now what you sort on depends upon the way you are using images. From your description these are linked images so you can sort on that name if wanted or on another field.

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@Phantom54 As stated in my answer, I cannot duplicate your “grayscale” images. Have tried with queries, tables mixed with Blobs & links. The result always produces a color result. The only other possibility may be the query SQL. Mine is very simple. Please post this for further reference.

OK. Have done some further testing using unnecessary SQL. Just for testing I embedded the Select in another select & used that. It produced a gray image. The attributes are being lost as the information is being copied through the selecting process. As just stated, my simple statement had no color loss. Only lost color when passed through multiple selects.

Have now checked this in both HSQLDB and MySQL. Using a simple select:

Select A from B order by A

is no problem in either. Once you go further:

Select * from (Select A from B order by A)

you get grayscale images.

Have now taken this one step further. Using MySQL tested Base using both of above statements and connectors of JDBC & SDBC. All embedded selects showed grayscale images. However, when using MySQL Workbench, images were in color (used LONGBLOB as type). This is now a bug in either Base or the connectors. Please report such here.

Have reported bug as requested. It is bug# 114606.
Thanks for the help. At least now I have an adequate workaround.

You are welcome. Thank for posting the reported Bug. It is a good reference for others seeing this. Glad the workaround is acceptable.

on the case of grayscale images, this is my workaround.

Thanks. Seems to work.

Deleted as suggested.

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Thanks for the telling me of the need to correct my question. I have done so.
By selecting EDIT query, selecting the context menu on a field and then selecting the DATA tab of the Form Properties Box, I can do an automatic sort in the way I need. I am not sorting using the images. Thank you for getting that part of my question resolved.