How to control which values are incremented on drag down?

I have a complex formula in a cell with various references to other cells.


I want all cell in the same column to have the same formula with only one reference incremented. But if I select the field and drag down the little square all references are incremented. So the following fields would have the values:


But what I need is:


That means all matrix should not be incremented, the single reference to column C has to be incremented. How can I do this, where it is not possible to to it manually as too many rows are affected?

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Or you could use absolute references for the fixed ranges in your initial formula:


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+1 That’s even less work… assuming the second range is also meant to be an absolute reference $Sheet1.$D$1:$D$100

Hello @gunwald,

You could give a fixed Name to your two ranges $Sheet1.B1:B100 and $Sheet1.D2:D100, via the menu Sheet : Named Ranges and Expressions : Manage... ( CTRL+F3 ).

Suppose you named your ranges “Sheet1_B1_B100” and “Sheet1_D2_D100” respectively, then you could put the formula:


and drag the cell handle downwards so that only C is incremented.

HTH, lib