How to convert a tipe of file and then split them in two different folders

I have to convert some .sxd file in png, and that’s not a problem, but if a file end with L, i have to put that converted file in one folder, if a file end with I, in another.

for convert that i use:
for %f in (“C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Lay_up_contratti_camp*.sxd”) do “C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\program\soffice.exe” --headless --convert-to png --outdir “C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\folder” “%f”

but then how can i separate them? With an if? if yes how can i do it?

P.S. i’ have win 7

you may use a following move:

move "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\folder\*L.png" otherdir

more specific? with a for?