How to convert neutral quotation marks to typographic ones?

I have a manuscript with both types. How do I find and replace using Alt Search add-on?

‘What’s a Merino sheep?’
‘Well. It’s a normal sheep with a very expensive coat.’
‘Like a duffle coat?’

I want all the quotation marks to be typographic, not vertical in the above text.

Thanks in advance

Thank you very much - it worked perfectly.
You answered another thread today about removing dialogue from a document. In the below example how would I make each sentence after a full stop a new paragraph so I can strip out the dialogue more? At the moment I have most of the dialogue but not all. I.E. How can I get rid of Sandra Cassidy cut in urgently, looking at her husband.

Thanks you again.

‘We’d better go.’ Sandra Cassidy cut in urgently, looking at her husband. ‘Where was this other town?’

Do this in three steps:

First the opening quotation marks, occurring after a space or at the start of a paragraph: enter ' in the search box and in the replace box, and Replace all. Then enter ^' in the search box and in the replace box, tick Regular expressions and then Replace all.

Then the others, that must necessarily be the closing ones. Just replace ’ with the corresponding curly quotation mark. You may have to enter one, then copy it to the replace box.

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@Astur: You’re quite right, thanks for the heads-up!

Actually, my original solution was inspired by the use of the apostrophe at the start of some Dutch words, which is now always incorrectly converted to a quotation mark by poor autocorrect settings in Dutch word processors (from the very start, I must say, and those bad characters occur in print; nobody seems to care about it).

Great thanks for your answers

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