How to convert ODG file to ODT using LibreOffice Draw

What’s the easiest and best way to do it either using LibreOffice Draw or LibreOffice Writer?

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I don’t know any way to convert text from Draw to Writer.
In Draw, texts are entered into drawing objects such as a Text box.

Theoretically you would have the possibility to copy the Text boxes from Draw to Writer.
But this would not allow a normal text flow in Writer.

I only see the possibility to copy the text in the Text boxes in Draw and paste it in Writer.
The pasting should be done as unformatted text ( Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V ).

Alternatively, you can search the internet to see if you can find an appropriate converter there.

To combine text boxes select the text boxes and click Shape > Consolidate text, see Consolidate Text Boxes

Draw is a drawing program so a direct conversion to document writing program is never to going to be exactly the same. I would copy the text as unformatted text as Hrgbr says and then copy the other objects such as images to Writer.

Insert > Object > Ole Object should work but only one page of the Draw file will be visible. Double-clicking the OLE object will open it to allow you to re-arrange it in its frame if not everything on the page is visible.


How do you consolidate the text first in the ODG file using LibreOffice Draw?
I found a way to convert to ODT but it doesn’t really work
I suspect it failed because I didn’t consolidate the text first, but I have no idea
Let me show you what I did, if you please, then you could tell me where I went wrong

  1. Saved my ODG file in LibreOffice Draw and named it “Funding list.odg”
  2. Opened LibreOffice Writer ODT document.
  3. In Writer I went to Insert → Object → OLE object, then selected “Create from file”
  4. Clicked on “Search” and found my Funding list.odg file from Draw.
  5. Opened it.
  6. It gave me a small part of the document in an awkward appearance, to was a fail.

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