How to convert pdf into doc/docx/odt (lowriter)


I’m trying to convert pdf file to docx and getting the following error:

root@ubuntu-xenial:/home/ubuntu/docs# lowriter --invisible --convert-to docx pdf-sample.pdf 
Error: no export filter for /home/ubuntu/docs/pdf-sample.docx found, aborting.
Error: no export filter

Ubuntu 16.04, LibreOffice

Please suggest how to convert pdf to docx.

Hi - did you find anything ? I am facing same problem

PDF-files are not easy to convert directly into a text document as the internal structure in the PDF is very different from the one in a text document. Even when the PDF origins from a text document the internal structure looks more like a DTP page.

You can open almost any PDF file with LibreOffice Draw and from there work your way forward.

As you will see each line of text is a single text box and each text box is not related to the previous or next line in any way.

To open a PDF in LibreOffice Writer, you need to choose “PDF - Portable Document Format (Writer)” in the File Open dialog:

Then you can save it in whatever format you wish (to odt, to doc, to docx).