How to cope with highhanded "moderation"?

Recently there was a question concerning a hoped-for feature in Calc which was claimed to be availabele in Excel.

After some research in the web I doubted the claim concerning Excel and asked the questioner to provide an example written to XLSX. He refused adding the remark that he was here to get a solution, but not to teach others.

In turn I told him that a consumer-only attitude was not appropriate here, imo. The most harsh remark on my behalf was that he should “stick with his own kind” if insisting on getting help without offering anything.

I have no exact copy of the mentioned comments.

Somebody removed them from the thread without even adding another comment identifying himself and justifying the action.

I cannot accept such a kind of “moderation” silently. Therefore I posted another comment to the mentioned question:
“The OQer and myself had posted additional comments on this question. They (in specific mine) contained criticism, but were not offensive - as far as I understand the term not being a native speaker of English.
Somebody removed these comments without notifying me of the action.
Should this kind of “moderation” continue, I may be forced to retire from contributing to this site.”

Do you think I am wrong with my way treating this?

Again: as I have mentioned in, you likely suspect something that had never happened. You cannot treat OP deleting own answers as “moderation”, and that’s what almost certainly have happened; so all your over-reaction to that is not warranted IMO.

I understood. And thanks for your being concerned!
Despite the fact that this “meta” question was partly induced by a misunderstanding, I didn’t decide to withdraw it by deletion. If you advise me to do so, I would accept.

Even if @Lupp’s reaction may be considered inappropriate by some, it poses a real question about AskLO etiquette. As already largely commented, this site is not a reference in ergonomy. There is no readily accessible page about the how’s ans why’s about the site, kind of summary page that should show when a newbie registers for the first time.

Worse, with time, nobody is now officially in charge of the “thought police”, aka. moderators. This results in anybody with enough karma doing it from time to time, with his own background and rules. I remember some conflicting decisions with the consequence that the initial question was no longer consistent with comments/answers and vice versa.

Then there be additional rules for people with high karma about their responsibilities.

I agree with @Lupp that deletion about “important” items should be commented for at least the involved parties information.

I totally agree with the idea that high-karma people should follow some rules, and that improvements to documentation etc are really needed and all … all I mention is that the immediate reason for this post was something different, and not related to inappropriate moderation at all.