How to copy and paste a number data with comma in a cell?

I am trying to paste some data to a specific Calc cells in a column, but upon pasting the data, it automatically formatted or outputted by a function of which I don’t know what.

It’s like this, I am trying to paste this data below:


outputted as;

I wanted it just as what I’ve pasted. Numbers with comma and without any spaces.

I am using V3.5.2


I forgot to mention that this spreadsheet shall be imported to a database.

Try this: F2 (edit cell) and then Ctrl+V (paste)

If after Enter you have same result (very long number without commas) just insert ’ (apostrophe) before Ctrl+V

Superb! Very quick answer. The “apostrophe” did the trick. But how about pasting multiple row/cell at once? Do I have to create a separate question for this?

Try format target column as text (select it, press Ctrl+1 and choose “Text” in “Category”) BEFORE pasting data


I forget to mention that this spreadsheet shall be imported to a database. So it won’t accept the file since when importing the file it sees the apostrophe and interpret it like this '123,456,789

Will be dragging data into the Base? Or will you export data to a file CSV? Or some other method? The apostrophe should not be a source of problems - it’s just an escape character for the Calc’s tables.

For multiple row/column,
Select cell that you want to paste data and then pasting your data with paste Special, selection → Unformatted Text
In Text import window (Fields), Select column data and change Column type to Text (Click Ok)

This method will work when you have data >1