How to copy cell (or range) from MS Excel into Calc

[MacOS Catalina 10.15.6, Libre Office 7.2, MS Office 2016]

I don’t understand why but, when I copy a cell or range of cells from Excel into Calc, the pasted data is inserted as an image. Is there a way of mapping cell data into cell data?

It works for me on Windows 11. Not all functions are the same in both suites so if you are using a less common function it might not paste the formula or might paste the calculated number instead.
Do you have a clipboard manager or clipboard history enabled?

As a workaround it might be easier to open both spreadsheets in the same program.

No clipboard manager other than the default MacOS.
I did as you both suggested, however, these are work arounds as some process is converting the cell information/layout into an image.

Open the Excel file with Calc and copy from Calc to Calc.

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