How to copy cell values periodically into a new line?

I have two cells, time & sum, which changes after every 5 minutes. I want to copy these cells after every 5 minutes and paste it in a new line every time in order to make a list of old values.

Source cells:
| Time  |  Sum  |
| 09:30 | 12345 |

Expected list:
| Time  |  Sum  |
| 09:15 | 12345 |
| 09:20 | 67891 |
| 09:25 | 12345 |

In MS Excel, we can include module and add VB function for this, but I didnt find it in Calc. Is there any alternate way to do this?

… and what do you expect to happen after 12*24=288 intervals, if there is no date information?

In MS Excel, we can “include” module and add VB function for this

Really?, can you show this tool?

No alternate way, but you can use extensions and write your own code in Basic or other languages like python. Macros can be organised in modules.

Usually it is not possible to use VBA script, as the environment is much different. So you have to code yourself…

If you could not find anything on Basic/Macros start at the following link: Pitonyak on marcos