How to copy just one row in a LO Base table

I have a problem. When I select a row in a Base table, and Ctrl-C to copy it, so I can then paste the info into an email, when I try to Paste the data in the row, it pastes in the whole table, not just the selected row. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if I’m in a table or a query. It’s the same if I’m in a form with datasheet view.
Is there any way I can copy just the data in the row I select? {I select by clicking to the left of the first field in the row, which highlights just the one row - but this seems to invisibly select the whole table}
Any help would be appreciated.

I have a dream that this will get fixed someday, soon by some smart programmer, so that rows, columns, and blocks made up of fields of any size or dimension can be easily cut, copied and pasted inside and outside of base, within a table, between tables and queries, and between tables, queries and spreadsheets. It is such a basic and important missing functionality in LO I think.

Well I’m not a programmer, but it seems weird to me that you can SELECT a single row, but if you try to COPY your selection you get the whole table. A bug? An oversight?

Paste first to a writer document. Will bring up dialog. Choose fields at top then each of the columns to be pasted. Selecting OK will then paste the one row. Then copy that text and paste into your email.

Thanks Ratslinger - that works!
But what a complicated way to have to go about performing a simple action. Why didn’t they simply allow copy and paste a row from the DB?