How to correctly write C++ in a right-to-left document?

In a right-to-left Writer document, when I write “C++”, it is shown as “++C”; the writer probably does not understand that the “++” are part of a left-to-right word. I can write “++C” and get “C++”, but then it will not look correctly e.g. when imported to Word.

How can I write “C++” correctly in a right-to-left document?

Perhaps, you should try using RLMs/LRMs.

Define a character style with name TradeMark. In the Font tab, set Language to English from the dropdown menu. You can also change the font face if you’re using a Hebrew or Arabic one for your main text.

When you type C++ or other Western European acronym or word, give it character style TradeMark.


  1. How to define a character style is left to you as an exercice if you don’t already know.
  2. You could as well customise built-in character style Quotation.
  3. I have not tested setting language to None because I think it will only disable spellchecking without changing writing direction.
  4. The advantage of using a dedicated character styles becomes apparent if you decide afterwards that all your citation occurrences should instead be written italic or highlighted in red. All you need to do is modify the character style.

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