How to count blank cells - formerly: Check if within a range of cells (a row) there is at least one blank cell

Hi there,
I’m trying to find a formula to check if within each row there is at least one blank cell.
Im using ISBLANK and OR.

If I do =OR(ISBLANK(A2),ISBLANK(B2),ISBLANK(C2)…) and it works
but since my spreadsheet get till column FF, it is a very long formula and I would like to shorten it using ranges capabilities of libreoffice.

I’ve tried =OR(ISBLANK(A2):ISBLANK(FF2) but got an error E:502
I’ve tried =ISBLANK(A2:FF2) but got always FALSE

Anyone can help?
Thanks so much

I think the next formula can work.


hey mariosv, your’re great, this is even better than what i was thinking. Your way I get the sum of blank cells in a row, which is exactly what I need. This way I know who (row) has answered to most questions (columns) of the questionaire, and who answered to few. I have the numbers! Love it! thanks

In order to better fit this answer with future questions I should append another title, which would be “How To Count Blank Cells”.

=COUNTBLANK(Range) is working as well, but only with a contiguous range I believe. For my purposes is working well. =countblank is also the same in excel, for who is coming from there.