How to create a chart from table of X and Y data

I have a data set that looks like:

I am attempting to create a chart from this data set. However once I have the data pasted into Calc and then try to insert a chart instead of create a x - y line chart using my two columns of data, it seems to want to create two line graphs with the index as X and each column as the Y data. So like this:

So there must be something simple I am doing wrong. Can anyone please explain my error?

Thanks in advance.


Nevermind, I found an EXCELLENT video on YouTube that explained what I wanted to do. That video can be found at:

How to use Calc for best fit straight line

Hello @JensenHealey,

try this: go to “Data Series” in the Chart Wizard dialog, and remove Column D from the Data Series.
HTH, lib

You must choose the (XY) Scatter chart type.