How to create a chart with an intelligent timeline?

Hello everyone,

I have two sheets in my LibreOffice Calc:

Sheet 1 → Column A → Dates

Sheet 1 → Column B → Numbers

Sheet 2 → Column A → Dates

Sheet 2 → Column B → Events

I basically want to create a chart with an x-axis that functions as a single timeline. The timeline can either be manually defined or generated with dates in ‘Sheet 1’ or ‘Sheet 2’. The y-axis should be created with the ‘Numbers’ in 'Sheet 1. I then want to add certain ‘Events’ from ‘Sheet 2’ to the shared timeline.

Use case: The chart would display how many cars have been sold on certain dates. It should now take the events from the other sheet and insert them to the correct places (percentage of x-axis) on the timeline. It should also be possible to set the duration of an event. In the end, it could show the reader when certain marketing measures happened, for how long and how they affected the number of sold cars.

Is this possible with LibreOffice without too many ‘workarounds’ or do I have to use another software for my purpose? I’m not familiar with the complexity of my requirements and whether I might have to use a special software for that.

Thanks everyone!

You can create charts with data on more than one sheet and having one x-axis for all y-axis data; you can even use a second y-axis. To get y-axis data from another sheet start your chart on sheet 1 and and add a data series to the chart with data from sheet 2.

However, your explanations are not sufficient to give you a final advice.
Sheet 1: x-axis = date, y-axis = number is OK
Sheet 2: you can use the x-axis of sheet 1 but what is “events”? Events must be a number.

Your explanation in “Use case” are unclear to me, therefore I cannot give you further help now. More explanations from your side enable more help my side or other members of this forum…