How to create a glossary in LibreOffice Writer 5?

In LibreOffice Writer (Version I want to create a Glossary, i.e. a list of terms with an explanation.

I searched google for this, but only got outdated information on how to do this in LibreOffice.

Is there a preferred way to do this, or should I just create a simple Bullets list?

Bulleted list is one of the solutions. However, think first about the bullet. If you have really many terms in your glossary, what will be the effect of the bullet? Will it be acceptable to readers?

Another solution is Hanging Indent paragraph style. Set the Before Text indent wide enough for the largest term (or the average length) and First Line indent to the negative of Before Text.

Type your terms under Hanging Indent Style, pressing Tab to align explanation on the “margin” of the paragraph.

If your term is too long to fit in the margin or contains spaces, press Tab and Shift+Return to start the explanation on next line at “margin”.

If you prefer to go with a bullet, setting hanging indent for the list is also a good idea so that the term visually stands out of the text.

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