How to create a header that appears only on the First Page

LibreOffice on Mac iOS 10.15 Catalina. In TextDocument I would like to create a HEADER for my name and contact information that appears only on the first page of my document.
When I click on Insert>Header and Footer>Use header/footer menu, nothing appears or displays.
When I right click on the document itself, and then choose Page Style …>Header>Header On, then check “Same content on first page” OR leave both the choices unchecked, the HEADER appears on the first page, NOT on the second page, but appears AGAIN on the third page.
So is there a way to direct LibreOffice Text Document to display the HEADER only on the FIRST PAGE?

Yes, there is.

I am not sure why you are having this problem; it has never been a problem for me. Whenever I want to format a first page header in LO writer, I type my first page header, click on the top right of the page, format the page header by un-clicking the box that says same content on first page. I then move on to the second page and type in a new header and this then carries forward to all other pages in the document. If I erase the header on the second page, then headers on the following pages are also erased. Hope this was helpful.

OK. Thanks

Use the Page styles. You can apply different Headers/Footers in the different page styles. Of course you can switch ON/OFF the header and/or the Footer) independently in the different Page styles.

The Built-in Page style named “First page” has a property: “Next style”. The page style will changed on the next page automatically, when the text flows onto the next page (or when you enforce the page break by hitting a simple Ctrl-Enter)

First Page sytle and Next page style.odt

Thank you.