How to create a non-pivot table like in Excel


how to create a non-pivot table like in Excel ?
Only want to create very simple tables, which should be sort able.

Did you try the keywords “Calc table excel”?
See also tdf#132780 .

Thank you for the hint to:
Bug 132780 - Feature Request: Add Calc Tables with functionality similar to Excel tables

Absent. There is no equivalent.
This functionality is not present in LO Calc. Pivot tables and charts do not work with dynamic ranges (OFFSET). Note: this seems to have always worked in Excel. But here we need absolute addressing. Very uncomfortable. The smart tables (ListObject) you are asking about have replaced dynamic ranges in Excel 2007 along with structured references. It has become even easier and better.

What am I doing? I set the option “Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted”. I add rows with a short macro (click on my button). Or it is necessary to insert rows (in Excel, just enter a new row below, and the table expands automatically). If you want to use structured references when you first enter them, then give your range the name of the database range (a separate window). However, if you use the ODS format, then after opening the file again, the references will be replaced with absolute ones. But I actively use them in the code, as it saves me from having to calculate the range boundaries. Then I’ll see the absolute references on the sheet. Well, that’s fine.

If other users are working with the file on other computers, then you must ensure that this option is enabled.

'  Used by: "Open Document" Event
Sub EnsureExpandReferences
    Dim oSettings As Object
    Dim bExpandReferences As Boolean
    On Error GoTo HandleErrors

    oSettings = createUnoService("")
    bExpandReferences = oSettings.ExpandReferences
    If Not bExpandReferences Then
    oSettings.ExpandReferences = True
    MsgBox "Attention! The parameter ""Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted"" is set." & Chr$(10) _
     & Chr$(10) & "This is necessary for the correct operation of this application." _
     , MB_ICONEXCLAMATION, "Setting the parameter" 
End If
Exit Sub

	Msgbox "#" & Err & ": " & Error _
	 , MB_ICONSTOP, "macro:EnsureExpandReferences"
End Sub