How to create a rotated field text in Writer?

I’d like to create chapter titles and numbers that are rotated by some freely-defined angle. I thought about inserting a Text Box (or using a Shape), but there seem to be no way to insert a field inside those (all choices in the Insert>Field are disabled).

Is there another way to reach a similar result ?


Is there another way to reach a similar result ?

IMHO: no.

There is a possibility to add a frame to textbox, but only the texbox can be rotated. Write a request.

Screenshot from German forum

Thanks for the answer.

I just made a search into the bugtracker before writing a request as you suggested. It appears that bug 82982 (open since… 2014 ?!) mentions precisely the use-case of adding fields in text boxes, so I’m not going to duplicate it.
EDIT: Bug 118348 is actually a request matching exactly what I tried to do (and is “only” one year old at this time).