how to create an index of hyperlink

how May I create an index of hyperlinks inserted in the document?
I’m looking for something like:
“text shown” …page N

My need is because, if I print the document, readers can’t use the hyperlink and loose the possibility to know which is the internet address

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Anything in LO Writer can be entered into an index table. All you need to do is “mark” the text sequence with Insert>Index & Tables>Index Entry.

In your specific case, all depends on what you want to appear in the index (the “text shown” in your question).

  • Show Text from hyperlink creation dialog

Just select the hyperlink and create the index entry

  • Show hyperlink itself

Replace the automatically pre-filled Entry by the URL

  • Show both Text (to provide hint for the location in the document) and hyperlink

You must play with Entry and 1st key. Remember that index is sorted on key. If your look-up data is the URL, enter it in the key and Text in Entry. On the contrary, if you expect your readers to look-up the index using the Text from the document, reverse configuration: Text as key and URL as Entry.

As you can see, you’ll have a substantial amount of manual editing.

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A textdocument is a complicated thing. There is the text itself (resolvable in paragraphs and below), then there are frames the text of which not is part of the general text, tables, shapes, headers, footers, indexes, and probably structures/kinds of objects I didn’t think yet off, and that may contain hyperlinks.

If you have a specific text object or a range in it, resolve it down to the textportion level and test them for supporting some service … and look for the property .HyperlinkURL… (Sorry. I had Calc in mind.)

As an IT guy you may start with reading the famous texts by Andrew Pitonyak. You may find a way then, to automate what @ajlittoz suggested.