How to create an SVG for OpenShot title template in LO Draw? - edited


  1. Why can I not easily set an export resolution in Draw for SVG files? (Why does Screen 16:9 not export to HD 1920x1080 by default?)

  2. Why does the Openshot Editor not recognize the text fields created in Draw?
    Is there an inherent reason why Draw SVG’s would be different then Inkscape .SVGs to third-party programs? (Inktscape itself reads LO Draw fine.) Do I understand correctly that SVGs are a complex fileformat for some reason?

  3. Is there a trick/workaround/plugin to make them similar? (Inktscape ‘clean up document’ did not help)

  4. I did file a related bug report, Apparently their title editor is very simple and does not work well with third-party SVG
    title editor fails to open .SVG if text property=Flowroot, · Issue #3367 · OpenShot/openshot-qt · GitHub

[old do I need to file a bug report with OpenShot? (I wanted to make sure I was doing things right on the LO side before asking there)

I will now do 4 anyway, because it turns out empty Inkscape documents do not work well either, only edited templates from openshot ]1

Openshot is a video editor allows SVG files to be used as title/text templates. It has an internal editor that recognizes the text fields in SVG files and allows easy text and color makeup from those templates. OpenShot Video Editor | Video Title Editor for Linux!

Openshots default external editor is Inkscape, but it does not have as many shapes as Draw. As Draw is a vector based image program as well, I hoped it to work too. While it does not open .SVG as native images, it does allow me to export them.

With What
Windows 10 LO
Openshot 2.5.1
Inkscape 0.9 +1.0beta

However, when trying to load those LO Draw SVG exports in OpenShot, they do not work.
They do show up as templates and the option ‘edit title’ is shown. But they do not open in the editor.

Nor load in the track line at all and refuse to even be used as image.
They even make the whole program laggy and unstable when I try. (The 20-30 kb SVG used total of 16 GB ram)
The latter has to do with SVG and viewBox values. Not sure how to set in LO Draw.

In Inkscape,
up top X 0 Y 0 W 1920 H 1080
set Document properties to px,
set page size to HD
set custom size to 1920x1080 Unit=px
set scale to 1x

(viewbox leave 0x0 - 1920x1080 )

Now OpenShot is critical of what .SVG’s it allows. OpenShot closes when I import or drag SVG files on project · Issue #2809 · OpenShot/openshot-qt · GitHub
But before I asked there, I wanted to be sure I am using the right settings in Draw.

What I have found
With Draw, in other filters during export a menu pops up for choosing resolution, but not for SVG.
(I noticed that exporting in Draw to different formats gives different default resolutions)

To set the resolution in Draw under Page in pixels in stead of mm, I first need to go to
Options>LO Draw>General> Set unit options in Point (in stead of mm)

When opening the exported SVG file, it still gives the file size in mm in stead of pixels

Exporting from Draw HD gives a size of 992x558 (Gimp)

(For exporting from from Impress HD then importing that SVG in Inkscape/GIMP, it gives a resolution of
28000x15750 pix)

The odd thing is that every program seems to be giving different resolutions to SVG files

	File		LibreOffice		IrfanView		Inktscape	GIMP	Chrome/XML
LO default	LoDemo	16x9	280.00 x157.50 mm	794x446 pt	450 x 253 px	15.9 x 8.9 cm		992x558 px	280mm" height="157.5mm
OpenshotTemplate	CreativeCommons1	16x9	508.00x285.75 mm	1440x810 pt	450x253 px	15.9x8.9 mm			1920x1080

What I have tried

I disabled the borders. I leave master background and Master Objects checked. (whatever they may be).

I used separate text boxes in stead of the one included in the shape

Importing in Inkscape, and using the ‘clean up document’ function(Did reduce the file size)

reset the image size from mm to 1920x1080 in inkscape and Notepad++

Export to .WMF+.EMF , import in Inkscape and then export to SVG

But it still will not import correctly.
Do I need to convert shapes to path before export?

Edited to clean up and restate the questions, and add new things I tried

How to create an SVG for OpenShot title template in LO Draw?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean.

You want to export a construct (grouped objects) or text as SVG, right?

Mark all objects or texts and choose File<Export....
In the “Export” dialog box, checkmark “Selection”.

I can understand your description mentally.
The problem of different resolutions is system-related due to the different programs, but should ultimately not play a role, since the SVG is scalable.

You are welcome to familiarize yourself with the topic of SVG.
I think you are simply assuming wrong assumptions in your experiments.

Your explanations deal with how SVG is adopted or exported in various programs.
Ultimately, in my opinion this is not a problem that can be dealt with in detail here in connection with LibreOffice.

I hope the above link to Wikipedia can help you.

Maybe someone else who has more background knowledge can help you.

Thanks. The more I read the more hopeless it seems, but at least I learned a lot (That I did not need to know…)
The problem seems to be larger then I feared; in SVG there are multiple ways to tag elements as boxes with different ID’s. Even text can be tagged as Flowroot or text.
Not all other programs importing SVG files accept them equally well.

I am not sure these differences exist in ODG, and there are no options in the export filter to set this.

It appears Draw groups all exported elements together.

Flowroot may be unrelated; it was a proposed extention that never got into the SVG 1.2 standard, but implemented by Inkscape anyway. Frequently asked questions - Inkscape Wiki

@Hrbrgr There is one thing I still do not understand; LO Draw always exports it’s SVG size in mm, whereas Inkscape supports mm, inch, px, and pt.
While I agree that it should not matter theoretically because they scale, it does seem to matter when opening images in other programs.
The same images also get different values for viewbox size and scale factor in Inkscape.

Can I file en enhancement request for Draw to also set export size/resolution format on SVG, or is this by design?

According to Inkscape documentation, all units are valid, but they deviated from the standard before.

Requirements can be entered on Bugzilla.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice