How to create data validity list from a search function

Hello, I’m trying to create a dropdown list using Data Validity. I would like the dropdown list to be populated based on returned search results using a VLOOKUP or similar function. The list should be populated by searching for the contents of cell A2 within worksheet 1, and be the contents of cells in Column C that correspond with instances of A2.

It seems that this would be possible entering a VLOOKUP function as an array in the Data Validity box. However, Data Validity doesn’t seem to like arrays, or I’m simply doing it wrong. Can anyone suggest a way for me to make this work?

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I think VLOOKUP() isn’t proper to do in data validity.


to select the list of values $B$1:$IV$4 in the row in which A8 is located.

@gdayton – Does this answer work for you?