How to create hierarchical relation between cells in many different columns and graphically represent it in Calc?

I have created Calc sheet containing multiple columns and rows. Specifically My columns are named (and are) Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species as in biological classification of organisms; Class is the child of Phylum, Order is the child of Class and so on. I want to represent this data graphically in a hierarchical way. I have searched the commands with these terms, hierarchy, hierarchical, parent, child, master, slave, dependent, sup, sub and also searched the net for ways to do the graphical hierarchical representation and found excel can do parent child hierarchy between rows , and between columns and can also graphically represent the data. I do not like that company microsoft. Any help is appreciated.

And do you know what tool excel uses for that?

List of phylogenetic tree visualization software - Wikipedia?

Try ToolsDetective.


@mikekaganski: Great! You’re a mind-reader.
If this is the solution: I had thought of it for half a second, but decided it couldn’t be. These many words without a mention of formulas and/or references.