How To Create "If, Then, Otherwise" Inventory Spreadsheet

To begin, I am very new to forums so please PLEASE be patient with me. I am using Libre Calc for Linux. I am a part time video game collector/seller and I am trying to get an inventory of everything I have that would self populate cells. The spreadsheet I have made includes complete lists of every game made (even including games I do not own) for every system and categorized under 4 types:

NIB (New In Box)
CIB (Complete In Box)
Loose (Just a cartridge or disc)
Book/Box (Game with Either Box or Instruction Booklet, not both)

What I am trying to build now is a formula that would automatically populate another column with all the games I own based on if there is a value entered into each type column. I used the formula =IF(K2>0,B2,P3) and it worked partially, so I know I am on the right track. However it is repeating the name of the game over and over until it encounters a new game in which I have inventory for. How can I remove this problem?


To me it unclear what you have and what you want to achieve.

Could you possibly place spreadsheet with a reduces data set into a folder which can be accesses by forum members?

The spreadsheet should also contain information on what shoule be in which cell (column) Maybe you can use cell comments.

Already tried with PivotTable.