How to create increment number inside text on L.O. Calc sheet

hi, i want to do the “thing” that I drag the down-right symbol and numbers are being increasing

So we have this:
and I want to make multiple links but with the number 1 going like 1,2,3,4,5…

Or how i can add 3 cells into 1 so i can split the link into 3 cells

thanks in advance

Hello @fladramon,

In the first cell put the formula =HYPERLINK("" & ROW() & "/lalala"; "" & ROW() & "/lalala"), then drag the thingy downwards.

HTH, lib

The thingy is called a “fill handle” at Automatically Calculating Series - LibreOffice Help.

Oh my… it worked!
**Thank you so much librebel **, I wouldnt and couldn’t think this formula

You’re welcome @fladramon :D, i’m always glad if i could be of help.

With Regards, lib

@fladramon: This should be a comment on the question, not an answer. See guidelines for asking. Still, this was a good enough question that I upvoted it.