how to create labels from a database that are not addresses

I won’t to create price labels for different products, listing price, material, colour, sellers name, etc.


The type of information printed on a label is not relevant. Whether it is a mailing address or price information, you are simply printing data from a field.

Information on the process can be found in the documentation found here → LibreOffice Writer Guide. See Chapter 14 of the Writer guide. It contains the process.

I have tried that, It does not recognise the fields in the database. Just wants to go to address book.


Have tested labels and databases many times. It works. Need to know exactly the steps you are performing from the start. Edit original question and add steps to the end.

Here, for example, is the last answer given where a simple step was missed and proved to be the problem → not getting data onto label master

Also, you have not specified your OS or specific LO version. Depending upon your procedure, Windows acts differently than Linux for example.

Have sorted the problem. Please highlight that the merge only happens during the print procedure. I was expecting to see a merged document prior to printing. So I did not print. thank you for your help.