How to create parking permits with external data?

I would like to print some 750 parking permits. My thinking is to create a csv with two columns, PermitNumber, QR-codeData and then create a nice template of the card.
Then it would be great if I could print A4-sheets with, like 8 permits on each page.

I guess I am not the first person wanting to do this or something similar. Are there any guides available - or can you hint me of how I can get started?


Don’t believe you will find an ‘easy’ solution to your question. LO itself does not generate QR codes. There is an AOO extension which I tested in LO v that works and is found here → QR-Code generator. This, however, requires you to enter or highlight text to generate the image.

With this in mind, it appears the probable method would require someone to write some macro(s) to read the csv, then interface with the QR generator to create the image necessary and place this information specifically in the prescribed location.

Thanks! The sole purpose of the QR-code was to discourage people to print fake permits. I can live without them.

What I need help with is how to go from a nice template and a csv-list full of PermitNumbers to a document with (I suppose) 750 pages with a PermitNumber on each.


My preference, if having a csv file already, would be to open in Calc. Use that to create a Base file. Now with the registered Base file you can use mail merge function in Writer with your template or create through label process (doesn’t mean you need to use actual labels).

For further information on this see the documentation → LibreOffice Writer Guide. Look at Chapter 14 - Mail Merge.

Thanks again! Chapter 14 helped me a lot. The documentation is well written and helpful. The problem was that I intended to do what was not in the documentation, i.e. print 9 formatted labels on each A4. My choice were to make unformatted labels that worked or formatted labels that printed as 9 copies of the same label on each page. I could not make the magic (go to the next post in the database) happen with my formatted labels without editing in the content.xml of my .odt file. If there is no better solution for my use-case (or for anyone wanting to print nicely formatted member-cards, DVD-labels or similar, I can write a not simple guide on how to do what I did. Finally, I am very happy with the result - the labels look great and has correct content from the database.

@Dottis I am not certain as to what you are stating (that is, whether or not you have what you wanted) but formatting all labels in a selection may be done. See this post → how to keep font information on labels with data from spreadsheet database?. Also, printing entire sheets of a single selection → Printing a sheet of labels.

Do you need a QR-Code or would a barcode be sufficient?
If you are just encoding a permit number then a free barcode font could print what you need.
For example Code 128 or CCode39 - and there are others.
Then just format that line of the label with that font.


I did not know that barcode fonts existed. Code 128 seemed complicated, but Code 39 was easy to use. Thank you for this tips!