How to create table of contents with specific font

The document I have, has some titles have specific characters with Windings font. When I create automaticly table of contents, those spesific characters are lost. I can see only rectengles instead of for example an UP ARROW in Windings font. How can I handle this issue?

I hope, I could explain myself correctly.

As I understand, you need that your ToC had portions of text with a different font. I’m afraid, it’s impossible. ToC uses its paragraph style to assign font settings, so it will change your font (you may, of course, torn off the protection against manual changes in ToC settings, and then change it manually, but this will not survive refreshing the ToC).

If possible, try to use the font that has the required symbols for both your headings, and your ToC. To define the ToC font, use Contents Heading and Contents N paragraph styles (the former is under Heading styles group, the latter are under Index styles group in Styles and Formatting sidebar).