How to create the Chart in a blank worksheet different from the Data worksheet

I have a Calc file with multiple WORKSHEETS for different types of data. I want to use one of these data worksheet, but create the chart in a NEW blank WORKSHEET. I also want this newly created chart to automatically add/ update & show the data point as I add any new data points in my Data worksheet.

I am working with Windows 10 using Version: (x64)

I have tried to read most everything available on Google and seen videos on YouTube, but none addressing this issue.

I sure would appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.

Well, here is a workaround.
Instead of starting with your data highlighted, which is how I usually start to make a chart, instead start in the new blank worksheet. Then go through the INSERT | CHART series of screens. The when you get to “Data Range”, which is the 2nd one, you will see that the data range this has defaulted to whatever cell you had active in the new blank sheet. Now click the icon to the right of the textbox, click the tab of the sheet where the data is and select your data (or you could just type in the range into the textbox, but you’ll have to include the sheetname in this type of format: Sheet3!$A$1:$B$4)

Thank you so much. I will take more time top practice your steps and see how it works out. Again, thank you so much.

I have used your advice and did make a lot of progress, but can’t figure out couple of things. Wanted to add two screen shots but I don’t see any icons to insert screen shots, but let me go on to explain my situation.
I was able to draw the chart (lines), but here are the issues I can still use your help:

  1. Combine a BAR chart for one Data Series and use the LINE chart for the other three Data series?
  2. Use the TOP row in Data Tab (e.g., May, 2003, July, 2003 etc. as the X-axis values
  3. Don’t understand why it is showing Data Series Names (shown in the LEGEND correctly) at the start of the X-Axis?
  4. Tried to Double-Click the Chart area and then Double-click the Data series shown as scattered points in Yellow, but just didn’t get the prompt to EDIT it to change its TYPE to a BAR type.
    I still don’t see anyway to add the two screen shots. So, I will post this and then see what I can do to add the two as my next post.
    Again, thank you so much for your help.

Here are the two screen shots for my just posted reply to Mclovin:C:\fakepath\Chart_LibreOfc_SampleData_2019-01-06_0921.png C:\fakepath\Chart_LibreOfc_Forum_1_2019-01-06_0915.png

The simple way is to create the chart in the sheet where its data are kept, and then to ‘Cut’ it and ‘Paste’ it elsewhere. DataRanges and Series of charts are always stored as absolute addresses.
You can also create a chart without any data and manually enter the ranges and everything. I would avoid that if possible. However, you may need to go this way at least concerning a series you want to add based on data from a different sheet. It’s possible.
I would strictly advise to collect all the data you need for a chart in the sheet where you want to place it. The original Import/Entering/Calculation may be done elsewhere. Use polling by formulae or Copy / Paste Special... then.
See this attachment.

Thank you so much. I will take more time later on to really understand and practice to see how this works. Again, thank you so much

Here are the two screen shots for my just posted reply to Mclovin:Chart_LibreOfc_SampleData_2019-01-06_0921.png