How to create your own shortcut with special keys?

Hi there.

So I understand that I can manage all the shortcuts via Tools > Customize > Keyboard, and modify/re-assign them at will.
What I can’t figure out is how to add my own.

Let’s make it clear : I want to assign the font Increase/Decrease to ‘CTRL + >’ and ‘CTRL + <’, but I can’t find them in the list. Is there a reason or am I just missing them ?

Also, if they aren’t there, can I add them ? I’m pretty much used to this and find it to be the most suitable shortcut for that action.

Thanks in advance !


I found that you assign Ctrl + Shift + , and Ctrl + Shift + . - equivalent to Ctrl + < and Ctrl + >

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A similar question: I want to assign “Ctrl±” and “Alt±” to macros that insert an en-dash and an em-dash, respectively, in all LO modules.

By default “Ctrl±” is assigned in Writer to insert a soft hyphen and in Calc to delete cells, but as I rarely use these functions, I’m fine with reassigning the key combinations.

The problem is that “Alt±” doesn’t appear in the list of Shortcut Keys; same for “Alt+Shift±”, “Ctrl+Shift±”, and Ctrl+Alt+Shift±". Why? Can I add them? How?

Please make that a separate question in its own topic.