How to crop an image in LibreOffice Draw?

Its very easy to mock up an idea in Draw but I couldn’t find a way to crop the image to only show my draft and not the hole page.

Example - Area I would like to crop to get a smaller image when exporting as .png:

Select your image, go to File|Export and make sure to check [x] Selection. That way you can save an image that only consists of your own content.

To change the size of the sheet, go to Format|Page and use a custom size accordingly.

To only change zoom, so that only your image is shown, select it and right-click on the zoom control in the statusbar and choose “Optimal” - that will pick a zoom factor that fits the selection into the current window-size.

Thanks very much. I searched this function for a long time and couldn’t find it. The ‘check selection’ part is not really intuitive and a pretty hidden UI element.

Yes, like so much stuff in the libreoffice suite!

This feature is as old as the hills. (video)

I’m sorry if my question was a bit unclear. Hope the illustration helps to better understand what I’m searching for. I don’t want to crop an imported image in Draw, I search a way to crop the hole document to a smaller size, showing only the relevant content and not a big white sheet.

I move that the title of this question be changed. It comes up as one of the first search result. Maybe "crop sheet would be more accurate. The second answer helped me do what I was looking for.