How to crop an image to a shape in libreoffice draw

Very simple cropping task I am having trouble finding the solution: I just want to “cut out” part of an image using a shape like a rectangle or an elipse. Selecting both, then SHAPE, INTERSECT, distorts the image, seems to try to fit the entire image into the shape, not at all what I want to do. Please somebody help.

I suspect Draw wants both objects to have the same boundary dimensions.

Right-click on the pixel image, select Crop and drag the crop handles in to just touch the shape extremities.

Click elsewhere to deselect. Select both objects, click Shape > Intersect, the lower image will be cropped as expected.

As below, the first image was not cropped so squeezed the whole image within the boundary of the shape; the second was cropped. Cheers, Al

image description

There is bug report: tdf#40259. Added there some coments.

@LeroyG great that you found the bug report and commented it; I didn’t even think to do that. Cheers, Al