How to customize bullet types in Writer?

I need to write checklists. A bulleted list with open squares as the bullets would be ideal. LibreOffice does not provide that style of bullet as one of it’s default formats (click the dropdown arrow on the bulleted list icon to get 8 bullet styles, currently small dots, large dots, black diamonds, black squares, arrows, chevrons, x’s and check marks). I know how to make a bulleted list with an open square, but I want to save that as a permanent style I can choose from the dropdown menu instead of having to manually redo it for every single bulleted list ever.

You can copy a list with the custom style by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as a quick and dirty workaround. Just need to keep a document handy where you used it and paste it in.

Menu item FORMAT then “bullets and numbering” then the customize tab. From there select the character. There are some loads of characters to choose from

Yeah, you have to do that every single time though.

Writer offers lists styles too, so you just need to define a list style with your desired bullets for each level: just look at the fifth button on top of the style editor (F11) to create or modify a list style.

The best way to use list styles is to call them from a paragraph style: on the Outline & Numbering section of any paragraph style you can pick any list style. So the process to save your list settings is:

  1. Define a list style
  2. Define a paragraph style without indent (indent will be handled by the list style, see this article for more info) that calls your list style
  3. Enjoy :slight_smile:

More explanations in answer to this question.

I want to save that as a permanent style

If you mean “make it persistent across LO sessions” (not only for current document), make it a custom style (or modify an existing built-in style) and save it as a template on which you’ll base all your documents.