How to cut/move rows in Writer tables?

Hi everyone,
unfortunately as a LibreOffice newbie I’m still searching for a quick and simple way to cut/move/reorder rows within a Writer table - which I need quite often.
In MS Office 2010/2016 I used to accomplish this with Alt+Shift+Arrow up/down (for single rows) or by selecting the rows and cutting them with Ctrl + “x” + pasting the rows somewhere else using Ctrl+“v” (cursor set to the beginning of the row).

In LibreOffice (German LO / ODT-Format / Endless OS 3.4.1 / Linux 4.15) I found a feature/icon called “Move up/down” (“Nach oben/unten verschieben”), which according to “Tools > Customize > Keyboard” is available via “Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down” or can be added as a toolbar icon. Only for me both doesn’t work at all with table rows (and only sometimes with “regular” text lines / paragraphs outside a table!?).
I couldn’t find a different shortcut/menu function either …

Likewise Ctrl+“x” / Ctrl+“v” will cut only the text from within the selected table rows, but not the table rows/cells themselves, which I need to paste at a different location. Empty rows will be the result - also pasting will replace the current content of the cells/rows at the destination.

I can’t believe I’m the only one having this “challenge” - maybe the solution is just hiding anywhere …?

No, you are not the only one. Tables on Writer are… errrr… problematic?

In fact, Ctrl Alt or works without a problem unless there is a table on the “path”(1). So, as you found, there is no easy way to change rows or columns position beside the “sort” function, but I think that’s not what you want. Your only “workaround” is to add a row/column for the desired destination, cut and paste the content and then erase the old row/column.

(1) If you select a table with at least one empty line before and one empty line after it, you can move the whole selection “as text” without problems, using the Ctrl Alt or shortcuts.

You can select a row (little arrow), then cut (Ctrl+x), then paste on the row above which you want it. That row is shifted down. (LO 6.4)

So… we are all numbskulls… as that would be the first thing practically anyone would attempt… can you provide more clues as to why the obvious works for you?
What else is in your scenario… as in:

  • you have a 2 row table, 1 cell wide
  • your table does not have split rows in some columns
  • your table does not span pages

  • Please help!
    I am on … have they destroyed the logic that badly since 6.4?

I want to do quite a bit of moving around and won’t know the final order of rows until I can see them there. A solution is to add a temporary column with numbers in, and sort on that. Then delete the temporary column when I’m happy with the order.

But I think there should be an easy way to do this built into the product - a bit of an oversight, methinks!

yeah! and keep that row in all your tables forever, or you will be dealing with rebuilding that constantly!