How to cut out portion of picture in draw then -delete the remainder of image

I have used PAINT for years…I can’t find the wonderful tool “Select” - ie: After I import a picture…3 balloons, and just want the “red balloon” -usually I use the SELECT tool, draw a square around it, “cut” it out (placed on the clipboard) delete the remainer of picture, and “paste” the red balloon on back on the page.
I have check YouTube etc. a couple hints didn’t quite work out like I thought.
I KNOW it is there, but where? thanks a bunch

PAINT is an application to work on raster images, and Draw works on vector images. Therefore the tools are very different. If you need only a part of an image, you can crop it. Right-click the image and you will find the tool in the context menu. Drag the handles to hide parts of the image.

THANK YOU…worked ever so well.