How to debug Libreoffice Calc hangs on opening document

It is not all calc documents, it is onlyone specific one and various copies of that one I have made trying to figure this out.
It sits with a white blank window. No messages, no text. I’ve left it all night to see if it was a time issue and if it is a time issue it needs more than 8 hours.
How can I debug this calc document?
Is there any kind of trace that can be turned on to show what is happening and try and identify where the issue is?
the doc has about 10 spreadsheets, is around 300k ins size.
I feel there is some external references that are slowing it down.
Seemed to happen after I copied in some numbers from a secure online account .
I would really like to run Calc in a trace mode where I can step through, add break points, and figure out where this is hanging.
I’d really like to have some Calc settings where it will stop whatever it is doing after x time and prompt the user to continue or stop? Some kind of time limit so it will not just hang.
How to debug?
LIbreOffice Version Running on Windows 10 with latest updates 19042.928. 16G ram, Intel(R) Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz. RAn sfc /scannow and no errors. Ran repair on Libreoffice. Have split the 40 sheets into 5 sets to see which may be causing issues. Narrowed it down to where I believe the problem is; 5 sheets that are the same sheets copied and edited. Will focus on these until I can determine if this is the problem.

Could it be that you have a network printer which is offline and Calc waits for the Windows spooler response, because the specific document has printer settings which no longer work? See tdf#42673 With disconnected network printers, Calc hangs opening some files waiting on the Windows print spooler ?

As of now, there is no debug information / logging in release versions of LibreOffice; it is removed during compilation of the release builds. There was some limited discussion about keeping it there, but nothing decided yet.

You may use the guidelines discussed in our QA Wiki pages:

You are welcome to file a bug, attaching a problematic sample (make sure to have some sanitized document without sensitive info).

Reading How to Report Bugs Effectively won’t hurt, too.

Thanks for the links and suggestions.
As a software developer if you want to increase the ability to resolve bugs, it is very useful to have some kind of debugging log that can capture more information for problem situations.
I understand the desire to remove extra code for release version, however I also understand the benefit of being able to capture information from unusual problems and having better information for trying to investigate.
Thank you for the links.
I will pursue these and see what I find.