How to define a character style changing just one component of style?

I only work with styles within any editor (because I intend to work on large and professionnal documents).

I would like to define a character style which will only depend on the “Default Style”.
Let’s take an example with a style I need: “Important”.

To overcome an error message I don’t yet understand (and fully described there: Why definition of a character style “relative” to the “Default Style” is blocked?) I choosed to link this character style with “- None -”.

I put my cursor on another paragraph which is in style P2 and using Font Times, 12 pt.
I select the word “based”.
If I change this word with the character style “Important” it is changed correctly to a bold typeface,
but at the same time is switched to Papyrus 16 pt coming from P1.

This is producing this result which is of no use (for me):

How should I define this new “Important” character style so as
to be able to change just the component of my character style I want to change
and not all the other ones?

I splitted this question in 2 different ones:

  1. definition “relative” to “Default style”
  2. definition of a “relative” style.

Open the “Style and Formatting” Window in category “Character Styles”. Right-Click on style “Default Style” and select “New”.

The dialog shows a lot of properties, but that are the inherited values. Only after you change a property, its value is noted in the style and only this property is set. You cannot see, which property is set in the tab, where you set the property, but only in the “Organizer” tab.

When you want to remove a setting with the UI, you can only remove all properties of a tab together, but not a single property. To do so, click the button “Standard”.

I noticed, that sometimes removing a setting does not work. In such cases save the document in the flat .fodt format. Open it then in an editor and delete the unwanted attribute.

Could you improve this working answer. You said “will not work in all cases using the dialog”. Could you add in which case the dialog proposed to define a new character style will let me change one property?

I cannot point to proven situations, but I have noticed the problem from time to time, that I have got an unwanted property and I could not remove it with the “Standard” button, for example an 11pt entry for Asian Text Font. But I have never investigate it further.