How to define a new Page Format?

I have a Brother QL-800 label printer, which prints a 2.4" width sheet. I want to define a new paper size (Format), so I do not need to manually type a user defined size & margins. Is there a way to define an additional Paper Format?

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Windows 7, LibreOffice 6.2, Draw (or Writer)

In both components, Format>Page and enter sheet dimensions in Width and Height. Format then changes automatically to User.

In Writer, you can also alter page styles: F11 to display the styles pane, click on fourth icon from left (Pages styles when you hover over it), right-click on a style name and Modify.

Be aware that changing page dimensions is sensible only if the printer driver understands the new format. Otherwise your document may be unaligned or clipped when printing.

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Thank you.

Part of my issue was using Draw for this work; the page styles does not exist in Draw and the only way to setup the page is under Page > Properties.

It also appears that your solution of defining a new style is saved with the file, and not added to a global preferences. Which is fine; if anyone is looking for an answer to this issue my current workflow is to save blank odg & odt files as templates. When I need to print a new label I copy and rename the relevant “template” file.