How to define page border in writer

Following through Format-Page-Borders I see the controls for changing border settings, thickness etc, but nothing for border position. Text padding is there of course, and it seems like there should be another set of the same kind of setting to position the border line.
Am I looking in the wrong place?


Excellent illustration, thanks!

Borders are just what they mean: they enclose “something”. The “something” here is what is left from the page once you remove the margins. You can marginally modify this with padding or shadow but you can’t radically move the border.

If you want it positioned differently, think about the primary object they enclose and modify the margins.

Other than that, the drawing (which is @mikekaganski’s production by the way) in the aforementioned FAQ is the best reference I ever know about relationship of header, footer, borders, clearances, etc.

Ah yes got it! It was the definitions of what I was looking for.
That the margins drive the border, and then the padding is within the border.