How to delete a range name?

I cannot find a menu item or any help regarding how to delete a range name (the name, not the cell contents). How does one do this?

This is:
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This is in a LibreOffice calc spreadsheet that was created in OpenOffice. AFAIK I used to be able to use the backspace or delete key in the Navigator to do this in OO.

Ctrl+F3 or Insert > Names > Manage… opens the dialog. Select the range name from the list and click “Delete” button.

Found it - thanks very much. (Can’t upvote you just yet.)

@wsanders can you mark the answer as ‘correct’ by clicking the check mark?

On my sheet that deletes it from the list in the box that opens but it still appears in the menu box top left.

There is no “Delete” button on my Insert > Names > Manage dialog… Is there a new way to do this since 2014? Am I looking in the wrong place?

Yes, the dialog has been moved to the menu Sheet > Named Ranges and Expressions. You can open the dialog from the name field left of the input bar or with shortcut Ctrl+F3 too.

The shortcut described earlier still works, but this feature has moved to:
Sheet > Named Ranges and Expressions > Manage