How to delete a reference used in table?

I have a reference used in a document table. I can delete the text, but when I save as PDF the reference text is forced back into the document where it was.

The reference was within a table cell.

The only way to fix is was to delete that entire table row, and then recreate it.
However then the changebar (changes) would show the row as new, not changed.

LibreOffice and
OS Linux
Format: odt

I cannot reproduce it in a new odt document

What is your question, please?

Please read this guide:

What is unclear?

I want to delete a reference I have used in a table, but it pops back when I use Safe as PDF.

And how do you think we can help without any detailed information about what you wrote in your table? At a minimum, tell your OS name and LO version (even if this seems insignificant to you), the format you saved you file into (usually .odt or .doc(x)).

Also attach a short sample file with the table, making sure the problem still occurs within the sample.

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