How to delete imported but unused bitmap from Writer document

Question: How to delete imported but unused bitmaps from a Writer document?

I added a “frame” to a Writer document, and then went through various iterations of adding a background for it, using: Frame->Properties…->Area->Add/Import.

Now the document has become very large; I suspected that LO did not properly throw out the imported but unused bitmaps.

I could not find an interface to remove the old and unused bitmaps I “Add/Import”-ed. The bitmaps did not become visible in the list of preinstalled bitmaps (in the aforementioned Frame->Properties… dialogue) which do have a “delete” option.

They are present in the extracted .odt in a folder “Pictures”. But deleting them there and opening the resulting, smaller .odt results in whining about errors in style.xml, in which they are apparently referenced.

Build ID: 1:6.1.0~rc2-3~bpo9+1
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 4.9; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3;
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.utf8); Calc: group threaded

Have you tried with the navigator [F5]?

I did. They are absent in the navigator.

I’m at my wits’ end. The document (it is my resume) has become too large share with some recipients (over 5Mbyte; the “actual size” should be more like 600kbyte). I tried removing the pictures inside the odt file and editing the styles.xml files but kept running into issues.

Tried out on: LibreOffice; OpenOffice 4.1.5


LibreOffice can’t forget…

LibreOffice does not exterminate the background images of a given frame in text. Even after erasing the frame the background images remain within the Pictures folder in the file. In my view this is a bug.


OpenOffice can do:

  • Erases the changed images in the Pictures folder
  • Erases the entire Pictures folder if you had only got one frame with one image in background/area


Your question is: “How to delete imported but unused bitmaps from a Writer document?


I can’t solve your problem. Even opening and saving the problem file on OpenOffice could not fix the problem.


Report the bug: How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki


Thanks for your reply and confirmation.

I created a bug:

Please feel free to have a look, improve, comment.

As an aside: I can not believe this happened to me. Every time I use LibreOffice for anything more than a grocery list, I walk into a bug or limitation that basically paralyses my intent to write. :confused: