How to delete PDF pages using Writer?

I am using LibreOffice under Linux Mint 17 Mate on a PC. I received a PDF file, and want to delete a number of pages in it. Is there some way to do this in Writer, or is there a utility for adding, merging, and deleting pages?

Can’t be done in Writer, LO refuses to open in Writer by going into Draw. Easy, just right-click on the sheets/pages you want deleted, and click Delete, one-by-one. Once you’re done,

File -> Export as PDF

However, be warned LO’s PDF support, both import and export, is incomplete, as a file** I opened for the sake of this question is shown messed up, and exporting it shows it messed up in, for example, Foxit Reader, while Foxit Reader shows the original correctly. I’m reporting this.

** from

Bug reported: