How to determine the tab color of a Calc sheet

How do I determine the exact color of a Calc sheet tab?

I have a spreadsheet with a few similarly colored tabs.
Now I want to give another tab of an already existing sheet the same color, but I do not know which color I should use, because I do not know how to determine the current color of a sheet tab in Calc.

As a workaround, I could select all tabs that I want to assign the same color and give them a new color, but I’m wondering if it is possible to determine the specific color of a tab of a sheet.

A not UI, not user friendly, workaround:
Open the subfile content.xml, and search for “table:tab-color=”.

<style:style style:name="ta1" style:family="table" style:master-page-name="Default">
<style:table-properties table:display="true" style:writing-mode="lr-tb" table:tab-color="#ccffcc"/>
<style:style style:name="ta2" style:family="table" style:master-page-name="Default">
<style:table-properties table:display="true" style:writing-mode="lr-tb" table:tab-color="#ff0000"/>
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Yes. This is one of the many cases where the UI functionality concerning similar user actions isn’t sufficiently harmonized.
The sheet-tab-color-dialog only allows to select a palette and to choose from it. I don’t know how to expand that dialog in a way that the RGB values are shown.

  1. You may file a BugReport/FeatureRequest and wait.
  2. You may follow Colors ; define your custom palette, say named ‘SheetTabColors’ , and color all your sheet tabs from that palette.
  3. You may write user code to learn about the RGB values of existing sheet tab colors.
  4. You may write user code coloring the tab of the current sheet using the (temporary?) cell background color of the focus cell for the sheet’s tab.
  5. You may have additional ideas.

In the meantime, I present simple solutions according to 3., 4. Concerning 4. also the reverse functionality is now added. (3. may not be of much use.)

See attachment.
sheetTabColorsCustomCode.ods (11.7 KB)

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