How to disable dark Windows app theme in LO 7.4?

LO (x64) on Windows 11

Windows and apps are set to the dark theme, since for the bundled Windows (OS) apps that’s how I want it: OS and OS apps dark, all the others apps as I individually configure them. But this LO version is picking up the system theme for much of its UI:

Why? Previous LibreOffice versions apparently ignored the system theme, which was perfect.

The dark UI background persists despite any changes made in Options. How do I disable this and prevent LO from following the OS without changing the OS app theme itself? This is visually unusable as-is.


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At least on Win10, dark theme configuration allow choosing the default for Windows and the default for applications, independently. I guess it is also possible with Win11.

Yes, same way in Windows 11. But it’s all or nothing - All apps or no apps. I want the Windows apps (Settings, etc.) to be dark, but not the third party applications such as LO. So I need a way to prevent LO from listening to Windows.


What is unusable?

  • The incomplete implementation of the dark theme? Try ticking Enable experimental features in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Advanced. Possibly, make sure you have selected in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Application Colours the LibreOffice Dark in the drop down field at the top.
  • The fact that LibreOffice is starting to correctly implement the settings the user makes in the operating system? Revert to an earlier version.
    LibreOffice 7.5 will do a better job than 7.4 of implementing Windows dark theme.
  • You want a separate setting for light or dark? Make an enhancement request, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

The excessive contrast. I generally like a darker background, but not adjacent to white background documents (which is how I keep spreadsheets, docs, etc. since they’re often printed as opposed to text / source files, etc.). The app background (rgb(25, 25, 25)) is even slightly darker than, for example, the Settings app background (rgb(32, 32, 32)). If LO honors the system theme, both should be the same color. Trouble with the system themes are AFAICT there’s no way to adjust the UI background color – only wallpaper, “accent” color and such.

That was set long ago. I have my own theme, which is derived from the light LO theme. But per the screen shot the UI background is still virtually black (rgb(25, 25, 25) to rgb(10, 10, 10))

That’s a definite possibility and I’ve thought about it. What’s the last version that doesn’t honor Windows styling?

I’ve used LO since it was forked and OO before that, even before Sun bought it (when it was StarOffice). I’ve used it on Windows, Linux and even SPARC Solaris, in one form or another. I’ve always liked the fact it was independent (to a large degree) of the underlying OS styling and such. It just sat on top and ran. An OS’s purpose is to provide services and resources so applications can use hardware. That’s it – Not to dictate how they run, how they look, interop or virtually anything else. Apps should be independent of the OS and each other.

Not particularly. An option to explicitly ignore OS theming hints would suffice.

Thanks for the feedback.

Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Application Colours - LibreOffice Dark sets only the working area on your screen dark but not the file itself nor the printing.

On my Windows 11, the stable version,, does not pick up the Windows dark theme even with Experimental features set.

Requires an enhancement request if you want it, I don’t see it in:

  • Bug 118320 - Add support for Windows 10/11 dark mode
  • Bug 150915 (Windows-Dark-Mode) - [META] Windows Dark Mode bugs and enhancements

Yes, I know but I don’t want it dark, neither UI nor document. The dark system theme is overriding the LO theme. I have other dark apps (ART, darktable, Affinity Photo, XnView MP, etc.) but prefer LO light. That’s why I like per-program control.

I’ll take a look, thanks.