How to disable email link in calc

In LibreOffice (English) vanilla, how can I enter an email address in a Calc cell and not have it be an email link? I’m using OS X 10.10.5


Uncheck Tools Autocorrect Options URL Recognition


Uncheck the option to inhibit recognition when entering new emails.

To remove the links already entered (without losing the text): Edit Find & Replace

  • Search for: .*
  • Replace with: &
  • Other options: check Regular Expressions and possibly check Current selection only


A more straightforward solution for removing hyperlinks is

  • select the cells containing hyperlinks
  • Click on Format > Clear Direct Formatting (or just press Ctrl+M)

Thanks: I had searched for a solution for more that one hour…
(sorry if I can’y upvote being new to this forum: your solution is fast and efficient!)

The above are both good answers, but I have a further question.

Can I enter an email address and have it remain an active email address, but have the same text and background colors as other cells?