How to Disable "Help us make LibreOffice even better !" Bar

How can I disable the “Help us make LibreOffice even better !” bar that sometimes appears in Writer? I cannot help to make LibreOffice better because I cannot run any recent versions. I am stuck at 6.1 because a function that is vital to my use of Writer, and that is supported by the current versions of Windows 10, was removed from Writer in 6.6, making that and later versions useless to me.

Check this extension.

Out of curiosity, which is that function that was removed?

Supposedly the security-related change mentioned in this question.

The removed function is the ability to launch a Windows batch file from a hotlink. Batch files are still part of the current versions of Windows 10. I use batch files to accomplish multiple functions with a single mouse click in Writer. I use that most commonly with genealogical CD-ROMs to:

a) Load the ISO image of a CD-ROM into my virtual CD drive, and then
b) Launch the executable appropriate to that CD-ROM

I have ISO images of about 300 CD-ROMs on one of my hard drives, most of them used for my genealogical research, for helping others in their research, and in connection with articles and a quarterly column that I write for genealogical journals and magazines. Those genealogical CD-ROMs come from many suppliers over the course of many years, and about a dozen different Windows executables are required to open and use them. Use of batch files greatly simplifies their use, in part because I do no have to remember (or look up) which executable is required for each CD-ROM image.

Astur - I don’t understand the relevance of that image. If you were writing about preventing the infobar from asking for more money or involvement at startup, apparently in 6.1.4 I can do that only with an extension such as the one pointed out by Mike. If you were writing about launching batch files from a hyperlink that capability was removed in 6.1.6.

Astur - Launching a batch file from a hyperlink was my original topic (in a different thread), and I still run 6.1.4 because that ability was removed.

Astur - I would need 280 quick start entries, because each one would have to load the desired one of my 280 genealogical CD-ROM images into my virtual CD-ROM deck and launch the appropriate executable to open and view that CD-ROM… It is far easier to use a LibreOffice hyperlink to launch the appropriate batch file. Some of those CD-ROMs have many individual resources, such as digitized books or journal volumes. I have all of those individual resources, plus the more than 17,000 PDFs that I have created or downloaded, holding digitized books, digitized magazine volumes, and digitized contemporary record images, cataloged in a large set of Writer files, and once I find the resource that I want I can launch it from the hyperlink under the entry. I do this so often (sometimes dozens of times in a day) that the process needs to be as simple as possible. Current versions of LibreOffice cannot launch a batch file or executable from a hyperlink, so I have to use